BLOG: Confessions of an Improv Comedian with Craig Snider (Vol 1. Issue 1)

We stand behind the curtain, the stage bathed in lights, faces out in the darkness waiting for us to begin. There are no scripts. There have been no rehearsals. No one knows what is about to go down, especially us. In a matter of moments we will break the legs of the stage and attempt to create worlds populated by strange and interesting characters, in environments ranging from surgical theaters to spaceship cockpits. We will be underwater and on the moon. This is improv…and it is completely ridiculous.

Improv doesn’t save lives and we aren’t really affecting social change. But, like most art forms, we entertain, and maybe even hold a mirror up to society. By the end of the evening we hope our on-stage shenanigans have evoked some sort of feeling in the audience, even if it is deep despair at having paid $10 to see a bunch of middle-aged people cavort around with pretend objects in their hands and using a terrible Scottish accent. Regardless of the end result, one thing is guaranteed: we put it all out there. We offer ourselves up to the audience and bleed on stage. We expose every emotion and every raw nerve. All without a safety net.

This coming April will make 6 years the Fearless Fools have been performing for audiences all across the state of West Virginia. We have covered the gamut when it comes to our shows. We’ve performed for a packed audience of three hundred, riding the waves of laughter. And we gave a hundred percent for an audience of two. Regardless of the venue, the audience, or the event, the Fools are ready to commit and say, yes.

Now, we are going to bring you into the fold. Take a trip behind the curtain to see what the life of an improviser is like, complete with all the self-importance of a narcissistic actor. In this blog we’ll chronicle our successes and our failures without judgment. Because in improv there are no mistakes, only opportunities to discover something new together. Learn a little bit about the craft that has given us the likes of Chris Farley, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wig, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and so many more. We hope you’ll give us a chance, and when we ask you to tag along you’ll say, Yes!

– – – – – – – – – –

Craig Snider - Fearless FoolsCraig Snider is a founding member and currently the troupe director of the Fearless Fools. He was dragged into improv, kicking and screaming by his mentor and Fools co-founder, Steve Goff, and will always be grateful.

He followed Goff as he “spread the gospel of improv” around the state of West Virginia, and fell in love with the art form that didn’t require any forethought, tact, or skills other than being silly and impulsive, as a natural fit. Through improv, he has met some very dear friends, learned much about himself, and has found an outlet for all the crazy stuff lurking in his head. 

Craig is also a writer and editor, but because he feels that it is self-aggrandizing to publish a book, become rich, and therefore a pawn of the system, he instead prefers to work away in the dark solitude of his library, refusing food or water, and yelling “my precious!” whenever someone dares to tread into his lair. Take that, the man!



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