BLOG: Confessions of an Improv Comedian with Craig Snider (Vol 1. Issue 2)

February has come and gone, but the cold weather has not. It lingers, like the stink of a bad joke. The Fools had only one show in that ice-blasted time period, but it was a kicker. The My Foolish Valentine show was a sell-out, with extra chairs added to accommodate the walk-ups. Seeing Clarksburg come out in droves for improv comedy did our hearts good as we celebrated that day of love, where we express our feelings of love with commercially acceptable merchandise and confectionary. We rolled out every game in our arsenal that pertained to love and relationships to bring laughs to both the attached and the unattached. Jason made a lovely girl on The Dating Game by the way, in case you missed it. That’s one of the wonderful things about improv. You can be anyone or anything you want. 

The Fools also did their very first podcast, which was an awesome experience. Doing improv for people who can’t see you is difficult, but also very liberating. You don’t have to worry about your physicality, which is great for the Fools, because we tend to be “talking heads.” In improv, you want your scenes to be dynamic, not just a couple of people standing around saying stuff. 

Looking ahead to the future, with March comes the West Virginia Comedy Festival, the only one of its kind in the state. This festival, held by The Vintage Theatre Company and hosted by the Fearless Fools will be held on March 29-30 in Buckhannon, WV. This festival brings together some of the best comedians and improvisers from all over the state and provides two days of laughter. Come early and explore the beautiful town of Buckhannon. Personally, I am a fan of the ¾ Cafe and Lascaux Theatre. The food is amazing and the films are top quality if you’re into something other than cookie-cutter Hollywood fare. 

Spring will soon be here, and it is a rebirth of many things, bringing fresh beginnings and new growth. The Fools will be growing too, hopefully with more content, and more shows to come. We look forward to seeing all of our improv friends there, seeing their smiles, hearing the laughter. But more than anything, we look forward to the limousines with flowing champagne, private jets, and scantily clad servants to feed us organic grapes directly from Martha’s Vineyard. I don’t know who this Martha lady is, but she has some excellent grapes.

Craig Snider - Fearless Fools

Craig Snider is a founding member and currently the troupe director of the Fearless Fools. He was dragged into improv, kicking and screaming by his mentor and Fools co-founder, Steve Goff, and will always be grateful.

He followed Goff as he “spread the gospel of improv” around the state of West Virginia, and fell in love with the art form that didn’t require any forethought, tact, or skills other than being silly and impulsive, as a natural fit. Through improv, he has met some very dear friends, learned much about himself, and has found an outlet for all the crazy stuff lurking in his head. 

Craig is also a writer and editor, but because he feels that it is self-aggrandizing to publish a book, become rich, and therefore a pawn of the system, he instead prefers to work away in the dark solitude of his library, refusing food or water, and yelling “my precious!” whenever someone dares to tread into his lair. Take that, the man!

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