Meet Christian Cox

TMPhoto29134Christian Cox is a founding member of The Fearless Fools and the host of VTC’s newest entertainment troupe, …by Request.

An active performer in the area, Christian has been known to wear many hats including actor, director, and stand-up comic. He has a wide range of voices with up to 70 impersonations: from George W. Bush to Cher, Scooby Doo to the cast of The Wizard of Oz.

He has always been into comedy from an early start in high school with a ventriloquist act that won the annual talent show 3 years in a row. AV3E3926_web

Christian is a graduate of Fairmont State University and has an education certification in library science and oral communications.

He has presented 6 one-man shows that combined his unique standup comedy with impersonations, ventriloquism, song, and more. A self-proclaimed TV addict, Christian draws on his love of pop culture for material.

He has directed about a dozen plays, written 6 and acted in over 50 productions.

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