Meet Craig Snider

Craig Snider - Fearless FoolsCraig Snider is a founding member of the Fearless Fools. He was dragged into improv, kicking and screaming by his mentor and Fools co-founder, Steve Goff, and will always be grateful.

He followed Goff as he “spread the gospel of improv” around the state of West Virginia, and fell in love with the art form that didn’t require any forethought, tact, or skills other than being silly and impulsive, as a natural fit. Through improv, he has met some very dear friends, learned much about himself, and has found an outlet for all the crazy stuff lurking in his head. The Fearless Fools

Craig is also a writer and editor, but because he feels that it is self-aggrandizing to publish a book, become rich, and therefore a pawn of the system, he instead prefers to work away in the dark solitude of his library, refusing food or water, and yelling “my precious!” whenever someone dares to tread into his lair. Take that, the man!

Follow his random and sporadic blog, where he attempts to understand writing.

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