FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Fearless Fools Launch New IMPROV(E) U with a Series of Free Community Workshops

Clarksburg, WV – Vintage Theatre Company’s Founding Producer and Artistic Director, Jason A. Young, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Fearless Fools’ IMPROV(E) U. Under the umbrella of The VTC Academy and powered by the state’s premier comedy troupe, IMPROV(E) U is The Fearless Fools’ exclusive educational branch that focuses on various types of comedy instruction for several different age groups.

“For the last five years, The Fools have been performing all over the state, and we have built up a really nice reputation and fan base,” said Young. “In those five years, we have taught several comedy workshops for schools, for companies, and for community groups. The time has really come for us to make something we are already doing official.”

IMPROV(E) U will officially launch on Thursday, September 28 with the first in a series of three free community improv workshops led by Fool Craig Snider.

The Fearless Fools“These workshops are not necessarily about learning to be an improv comedian,” said Young. “Rather, our goal is to create a safe place to allow community members to connect; laugh; learn an art form that is humorous, challenging, and life changing; and then discuss how these skills would apply to participants’ everyday lives.”

Topics that will be covered in the adult-centered workshops will include personal development, teamwork, creativity, innovation, mindfulness, and well-being. The ideal students for the workshops are individuals with a fear of failure, those who experience anxiety in a social situation, and adults who clam up when given the opportunity to put themselves out there.

“The skills you learn in improv are ideal for difficult situations,” said Snider. “Nothing gives you confidence like getting in front of other people with no script, no plan, and no idea what is about to happen.”

Craig Snider is a founding member of the Fearless Fools. He was dragged into improv kicking and screaming by his mentor and Fools founder Steve Goff and will always be grateful.

He followed Goff as he “spread the gospel of improv” around the state of West Virginia and fell in love with the art form that didn’t require any forethought, tact, or skills other than being silly and impulsive. Craig is also a writer, an editor, and a Vice-President of West Virginia Writers, Inc.

“Craig is the absolute right guy to lead these community workshops,” said Young. “One of the beautiful things about the new program is that at some point all The Fools will be instructors depending upon our goals. But for the free workshops this fall, Craig is the man.”

Additional free adult community workshops will be held on Thursday, October 26 and Thursday, November 30. All workshops will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at The VTC Academy on the second floor of downtown Clarksburg’s Uptown Event Center at 305 Washington Ave.

“We really hope these workshops will be just the beginning for IMPROV(E) U,” said Snider. “Even if an individual never performs improv, the lessons they gain from the concepts that make improv successful can be applied to almost everyone’s everyday life.”

IMPROV(E) U will also be offering workshops in performance for all ages; applied improv for specific demographics that could include veterans, recovering addicts, victims of trauma, and abused and neglected children; as well as public and private workshops that focus on workplace leadership and communication skills.

“There are no mistakes in improv, only unexpected and wonderful opportunities,” said Snider.

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